Runrig - The Last Dance

After 45 wonderful years in the music business, we have finally taken the very difficult and heart wrenching decision to pull the curtain down on our long career, in 2018.  We are now simply at that point in time where longevity and circumstance have to be balanced against what is right for the art and the muse. We feel that the time for this decision is now upon us, and we embrace it with a sense of positivity, but tinged with understandable sadness and reflection.

It was always inevitable that this day had to arrive, but it’s arrival does not make our situation any easier.

Taking the decision in 2015 to record the final studio album, The Story was a positive decision for us all. It was musically cathartic, creatively exciting, and it brought our recording career to a completed circle. It was very much a closing statement. We want to do the same for the live side of the band. To leave it unresolved would be a negative: to complete the circle with a series of farewell shows and celebrate our story together is the positive, meaningful, Runrig thing to do.

Will Runrig ever perform in some way again? – no one can say, but a door can be left open for any possible future, creative ventures. It would not be possible for us, as musicians, to stop writing, to stop recording and to stop the joy of live performance, but Runrig in its present form, as we’ve known it for 45 years, will come to an end. 

Runrig the brand will of course continue and there are various exciting legacy projects in the pipeline and in the planning. We will leave information about all of that for another day, but for now, we are in a position to announce our series of farewell concerts for 2018. Entitled The Final Mile, the tour will take in shows in Germany, Denmark and England throughout the early summer, culminating in August with The Last Dance, the big final farewell concert in the heart of Scotland. The venue, City Park, Stirling, below the castle ramparts, is one that has newly been created for live performance events.

Our Shows:

Germany 2018

Thursday 7 June,  BERLIN Zitadelle

Friday 8 June,  STUTTGART Schleyer-Halle

Saturday 9 June,  KOLN Lanxess Arena

General on sale starts 10am Friday 29th Sept


Denmark 2018

Friday 22 June,  KOBENHAVN Royal Arena

Saturday 23 June,  HERNING Jyske Bank Boxen

General on sale starts 10am Thurs 28th Sept


UK 2018

Saturday 18  August,  STIRLING City Park

General on sale starts 10am Fri 29th Sept    

Sales Hotline: 0844 888 9991