After decades of being asked by fans and associates when were we going to create a Runrig Tartan, we have now, at long last, finally done it! And at an appropriate time to mark the 45th Anniversary and the final concerts. No one could accuse us of being in a hurry, that's for sure!

Probably the main reason we resisted, over the years, was that we felt uncomfortable being associated with such an obvious Scottish cliché and one with such a dubious history of design sense and quality values - the tourist shops on Edinburgh's Royal Mile, for example, reinforce that stereotype.

However, our reticence was turned on its head when we heard about a young, tartan design company called Prickly Thistle, with a passion to restore tartan to its rightful position as a true icon. Not unlike a fine malt whisky, where authenticity, quality and high design values are king. They are one of a new breed of exciting Highland companies committed to restoring a sense of pride and value in long neglected areas of heritage. 

We are excited and proud that they have designed our very own, bespoke, Runrig Tartan, woven at their new mill in the Highlands. Prickly Thistle are bringing tartan home to the Highlands.

We will announce details of the first product, fresh off the looms, in next couple of days...